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Travel Nurse Tax

"I help Travel Nurses Navigate Multi-State Taxes, Fast-track Retirement, and Generate Passive Income From Investments."



Why Wesh Financial



We understand Travel Nurses' unique multi-state tax situation, and know how to prevent big tax bill surprises come filing time.



We know how to help you save for retirement even if you don't have access to an employer's 401(k) plan.

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We help you leverage a 3-5 year period of high income to transform your financial life--even if you never make that type of money again.

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The TRUTH of How Travel Nurses Can Pay Less in Taxes, Invest More for Retirement, And Create Bullet-Proof Wealth!

What It's Like to Work With Us

Comprehensive Financial Management --so you can save and pay for what you want without running out of money.

Does This Sound Like You?

You're a travel nurse and you’re worried about taxes and that you're missing out on the opportunity to leverage your travel income to transform your financial life.

You have debt and you know that you would be in a better position without it. But you don't know the best way to pay it off, or if you should do something entirely different like investing.

You still have 401(k)s at previous staff nurse positions or travel agencies that you're no longer with and you don't know what to do with them now

You feel stuck because you have no idea how to make smart and calculated financial decisions despite the amount of money you make.

You're worried about your options  getting a mortgage and other loans because a significant portion of your compensation isn't taxable income.

You're just completely OVER trying to figure out each aspect of your financial life on your own without knowing for sure if you’re doing the absolute best thing?

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Financial Planning Tailored To Travel Nurses.



Who Do You Work With?

Travel Nurses in the early stages of wealth building i.e. has an investment horizon of 25 years or more. On average expects to earn an annual gross salary of $120,000 or more as a single individual. Has the ability to save a minimum of $1,500 per month, and wants a long-term financial planning engagement with an advisor.


What are Your Client Dealbreakers?

We won't work with people who are ok with fraudulent tax activity, even the "small stuff"  (we will not go to jail for you).  We don't work well with speculators, day-traders, DIYers or anyone who doesn't see the value of professional help.


Are You a Fiduciary?

Yes. We are obligated to always act in your best interest. And better yet, we sign an oath to that with each client agreement.​


How are You Paid?

Many of our clients start off with zero to very modest assets to begin with. Because of this, we  offer a MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTION until clients accounts grow enough to bill  on assets-- at which point the monthly subscription will end. We never get paid from anyone other than our clients. We never get paid for selling anything to our clients. We don’t lose money if our clients decide against our recommendations. Our clients always maintain control of their money. That’s how we remain conflict free.


Can I Only Work With You if I'm Currently a Travel  Nurse?

No. We work with Nurses throughout the duration of their career. Whether they're actively traveling, per diem or staff.

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Your Travel Nurse Salary Means No Room For Error With Taxes and Your Retirement

Getting Help With Your Finances Is The Certainty You Deserve.

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