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How to Maintain Financial Resilience: Despite Economic Ups and Downs

Updated: Nov 13, 2021

One of the most frequent questions I get in regard to managing one’s finances is “How do I achieve and maintain financial resilience through the ups and downs of the economy”? If there is one truth that unites people across race, religion, gender and socio-economic status it’s this… LIFE HAPPENS. Unfortunately, many of us go through life just HOPING it won’t happen to us, and if it does, HOPE to be in a position to handle it. Let’s face it… HOPE isn’t a winning strategy. I’ve seen way to many lives destroyed because people were faced with an emergency situation they just couldn’t bounce back from. And it can happen to anyone… rich or poor. If you don’t believe just revisit the mortgage crisis of 2008. The truth is there are three to four main outcomes you should strive for in your finances and one approach to ensure you achieve it. Remember the acronyms E.G.P.T. and L.C.O.N. and join me for our Live Wealth Built to Last show this Wednesday, July 1, at 1pm EST to learn more.


Marlon is a licensed financial advisor at and is known as "The Travel Nurse Financial Advisor". Marlon specializes in helping travel nurses crush their financial goals by helping them optimize taxes, accelerate retirement savings, and maximize their investments.

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