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Super Market Finance

Updated: Nov 13, 2021

Do you own assets like Mutual Funds and ETFs? Do you own investment vehicles like IRAs and Brokerage Accounts, or products like Life Insurance? How did you come to own and invest in them? Can you explain in simple terms the part they play in your larger wealth strategy?

If you’re having trouble articulating their worth beyond “I know it’s a good idea to save”, you’re definitely not alone. With access to financial markets at our fingertips, it’s so easy to open an account, buy some stock, or buy a life insurance policy and call it a day.

Unfortunately, managing your finances in such an uncoordinated way is unquestionably a recipe for disaster. Not all financial products or strategies are created equal. And employing the wrong ones could spell out disaster for you.

I want to shift your mindset around your wealth strategy and why you should adopt a wholistic approach. Join me for our Live Wealth Built to Last show this Wednesday, June 24, at 1pm EST to learn more.


Marlon is a licensed financial advisor at and is known as "The Travel Nurse Financial Advisor". Marlon specializes in helping travel nurses crush their financial goals by helping them optimize taxes, accelerate retirement savings, and maximize their investments.

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