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The Myths of Wealth Building

Updated: Nov 13, 2021

Are you a high achieving professional or business owner and you want to make sure you’re building wealth that lasts?

Have you poured over countless books, articles and videos with “gurus” claiming they know the secrets to building sustainable wealth?

Have you joined a friend’s “business” or worked on a side hustle to create multiple streams of passive income?

Are you there yet?

If any of this sounds like you, you’re not alone.

Most high achievers want MORE and actively pursue more in everything they do. The problem is they’re unable to navigate through the overwhelming amount of “snake-oil-salesmen” lurking in the shadows for the opportunity to sell you a product or process that has no chance in actually moving you towards your goals.

What’s worse is they get to be rich off of your desire to improve yourself!


But there is hope and it’s rooted in how you approach wealth building. I want to shift your mindset around growing, preserving and transferring wealth. Join me for our Live Wealth Built to Last show this Friday, June 19, at 1pm EST to learn more.


Marlon is a licensed financial advisor at and is known as "The Travel Nurse Financial Advisor". Marlon specializes in helping travel nurses crush their financial goals by helping them optimize taxes, accelerate retirement savings, and maximize their investments.

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