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Travel nurses are looking for the answer to crushing their financial goals and getting ahead of the curve while living their dream lives.

Marlon T. Wesh, MBA

July 26, 2021

COVID-19 changed travel nursing and the healthcare industry forever.


As it became clear that the “heroes work here” bracelets, hoodies and other gear weren’t going to pay the bills, nurses, now empowered to negotiate their earning potential, began leaving their staff positions in droves to seek higher earning opportunities.





Unfortunately, as a traveler, you’re not unfamiliar with the many challenges that traveling brings:

  • Creating a travel portfolio to make your travel agency applications run smoother and keep you tax compliant.

  • Navigating your Federal Tax withholding to make sure you’re keeping the most amount of money in your pocket, without pissing off the government.

  • Trouble telling between fact or fiction with the “50 mile” and “one-year rule”.

  • Figuring out how to save for retirement and other important goals, when you don’t have access to a company 401k/403b.


Fortunately, travel nurses can use a simple system that leverages travel income to help them crush their most important goals, optimize their taxes, accelerate debt payoff and maximize their savings and investments.











No complications and zero bells and whistles, just time-proven methods to upgrade your financial position.


Just strategic planning and a little bit of discipline.


Watch this free presentation to learn how I’ve helped travel nurses achieve financial freedom. Inside you’ll see: 

  • The simple approach my travel clients use to grow their financial assets and protect the nest egg.

  • Why simply pursuing multiple streams of income is actually the worst way to grow generational wealth.

  • How travel nurses like you confidently invest in the right things at the right time.

  • How my clients minimize what they pay in taxes, so they get to keep more of what they've worked hard to earn.


And how they manage to do all of this while securing their loved ones' future, having a nest egg for a rainy day, and navigating economic volatility with confidence and ease.

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Meet Marlon


Marlon is a licensed financial advisor and is known as "The Travel Nurse Financial Advisor". Marlon specializes in helping travel nurses crush their financial goals by helping them optimize taxes, accelerate retirement savings, and maximize their investments.

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